Business Brokerage

Meritus Group Business Brokerage

As a real estate brokerage, we at Meritus Group have spent years helping our clients buy and sell their homes, one of the largest and most personal assets people own. The only asset people pour more time, money, and energy into than their home is often their business. Therefore we take the responsibility of helping a client buy, or sell their business very seriously.

An advantage to using Meritus Group is that we have exclusive access to a cutting edge program and process called Synergy Business Brokerage. Synergy is a tool that helps our agents not only assess the value of your business, but creates an analysis of ways to increase the value of your business prior to selling.

As a brokerage we have over 15 years of experience in the field of buying, consulting, analyzing, and selling businesses. When we combine our passion, experience, and tools Meritus Group provides a business brokerage experience second to none. Call us today to find out what next steps are for you!