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Ready… Set… Action! 🎥

Comedy or Drama? 🎭

Everyone wants a home theatre system. Booming bass complimenting a screen so large you practically melt into it. Characters stand life-size, and you cozy up in your warm leather seats.

Unfortunately, the spare bedroom-turned-personal-gym isn’t going to cut it for space or looks. A home theatre needs theatre-like space! You’re going to need room to appreciate all of the gunshots, chase-scenes, and one-liners.

Stage left, enter Meritus Group. Sioux Falls real estate that thinks larger than garage spaces and the number of bathrooms present. We believe in you, and your dreams to make the neighbors jealous over the comfort and immersion only a home theatre can provide. So when you’re ready to stop paying three digits for a family night out, you’ll know to let our Meritus Group agents show you the perfect home for the ideal movie-watching scenario.

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