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3 Reasons To Get Your FREE Opinion Of Value

Get an independent and accurate estimate of how much your business is worth with our free Opinion of Value. Below are three reasons to know exactly how to value your business and get insights into what buyers are looking for when considering a company to purchase.


You Are Considering Selling Your Business

Many business owners approach us for advice when they are looking to sell their company. At Meritus Group Business Brokerage we understand that there are a variety of questions around valuing a business and are happy to explain the process in detail. Whether the motivation to monetize is retirement, health reasons, or simply making the most of the hard work that has gone into the business, knowing the value of your company is a great first step.

You Want To Increase The Value Of The Company

If you are aiming to maximize the worth of your enterprise, it is crucial to recognize its current value and the reasons why. Comprehending the means in which the business is appraised will provide you with a better insight into what elements you can manipulate to expand its value. A segment of our Opinions of Value is a Plan of Action. Our Action Plan contains chances to reduce expenses and amplify income to aid in increasing the worth of the business. We desire our customers to comprehend not only the value of their business, but also how they can have a positive influence on its value.

Contingency Planning

You’ve built this business for many years and have clients, and employees depending on the business’ ability to continue. When so much of the business depends upon you what happens if you get sick, injured, or die? These aren’t fun things to think about, but just like a will for your assets there needs to be a contingency plan in place for your business. Who is in charge if you are gone? Who knows what needs to be done? Having a plan for the business and understanding what it is worth are crucial to the future success of the company. There are too many people depending on the company for it to simply fall apart without you. What are you doing to prepare for the worst-case scenario? A simple first step would be to get your Opinion of Value so you can better create those contingency plans.

The word Meritus means deserved or earned.

With tens of millions of dollars in transactions closed, we’ve helped many business owners navigate passing on their legacy to a new owner. At Meritus Group Business Brokerage, we know the challenges owners face to find the right buyer and protect the your business, employees, and customers. We guide our clients through a customized transition process so you can get your business ready, find the right buyer and sell with confidence!

Our firm is certified in business appraisals and business consulting through the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC).

Find out the true value of your business

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