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  • Listing Brochure Questionnaire

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Please list property features (ie things like: Inviting Shop Front, Gift Shop, Customer Sales and, Reception Area, Spacious Retail Space, Storage and Inventory Room, Delivery Zone, Employee Break Room, ect)

Please describe the location (example: Okoboji Graphics is strategically situated in an industrious zone, surrounded by prominent manufacturing and industrial businesses. This prime location attracts a constant flow of potential clients, fostering continuous growth opportunities. With their owned facility in this bustling industrial area, Okoboji Graphics serves a diverse customer base and has established themselves as a premier provider of graphics and sign solutions.)

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Standard business valuation method (Example: Standard business valuation method for a Specialty Gift Store is: 50% of gross sales = $112,606.00 - 4 X EBITDA = $181,048.00 2 x SDE + Inventory + FF&E = $90,524.00 + $60,000.00 + $6000.00 = $156,524.00 Out of these 4 methods for valuing a specialty gift store we believe the 2 x SDE + Inventory + FF&E is the most accurate way to value the business, because it accounts for both the assets and income.)

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