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When thinking about retirement or selling their company many business owners are asking themselves these questions

  • What is my business really worth?
  • Who would be the right buyer?
  • Will they take good care of my clients and staff?
  • How can I ensure I’m getting the best deal?

All of these are the right questions to be asking, and at Meritus Group Business Brokerage we offer some ways for you to get the answers you are looking for. Let’s start at the top of the list!


We offer a FREE Business Valuation which at many companies can cost thousands of dollars! Our Business Valuation will inform you not only what your business is worth, but how different buyers will approach calculating the value of your company. As a business owner considering selling your business this is extremely important for you to better understand what to do next. Are you able to retire or invest into something new with the amount you will walk away with? Is it enough for you to feel good about the time, energy, money, and passion that you have poured into your business over the years? By getting a FREE Business Valuation you will be able to answer these questions and plan your exit strategically.


When we do a Business Valuation we explain different ways that buyers and investors will approach the value of your company. This is important to understand because it will demonstrate financially, and logistically which buyer type would potentially make the best buyer for you as the seller. This is only the starting point to understanding what person would be the right buyer for your business. There are a lot of factors to consider: character, financial strength, experience, and what the buyer’s intentions are with your business. Our experienced brokers help you walk through what you are looking for in your ideal buyer, and when you list your business we will help you vet each potential buyer to ensure that they are what you are looking for.


Every business owner works hard to take great care of their clients and team. But how do you make sure that once you sell your business, the new owner will do the same? The hard truth is that you can’t control what the buyer does. What you do have control over is who buys your business! This is why it is a part of our process to REALLY get to know any of the buyers that show genuine interest in your business. We spend time asking questions and getting to know them. We also strategically schedule time for buyers and sellers to get to know each other!


Getting the “best deal” means very different things to different business owners. Many people think of the highest price, while for other people selling quickly is most important. Others are more concerned with reducing their tax burdens when they sell the business and therefore prefer to control the deal structure. Whatever you believe is the “best deal” our team at Meritus Group Business Brokerage is here to help you get exactly that! We help position your value, timeline, deal structure, and market your business according to what is most important to you. When you get a FREE Business Valuation with our firm, we also provide you with an Action Plan. This is our way of working with you to intentionally set you up for success on the front end of your exit strategy so that you can effectively get what you want from the sale of your business.

If you are looking to answer any of these questions and would like to know more about what your business is worth and why, simply schedule with one of our brokers here to start the conversation or get started with out seller questionaire.