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For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the initial capital required to buy or start a business can be a significant barrier. Yet, a resource often sits underutilized: the 401(k). At Meritus Group, we specialize in making your business ownership goals attainable by helping you understand and navigate the complexities of funding your venture through existing retirement funds.

Tapping into Your 401(k): A Viable Option for Business Financing

Your 401(k) isn’t just a nest egg for retirement. It can serve as a financial springboard for launching or buying a business without the traditional loan applications or the need for outside investors. One method to consider is the Rollover for Business Start-ups (ROBS) plan, which allows you to use your 401(k) to fund a business without incurring early withdrawal penalties or taxes.

The Meritus Group Approach: Aligning Your Vision with Financial Strategy

We provide a sophisticated suite of services to assist both prospective and current business owners:

  • ROBS Guidance: We offer insight into the benefits and considerations of starting a ROBS, ensuring you’re informed every step of the way.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our team helps structure your ROBS plan in full compliance with IRS regulations.
  • Investment Support: From identifying the right business opportunities to facilitating transactions, we provide comprehensive support.

Selling or Buying a Business with Meritus Group

  • For Buyers: We connect you with viable businesses that match your objectives and financial means.
  • For Sellers: Our strategic marketing exposes your business to qualified buyers, helping you achieve a successful sale.

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Conclusion: Start with a Solid Foundation

Navigating the path to business ownership or sale can be intricate, warranting professional guidance. Meritus Group is dedicated to providing that expert advice. If you’re contemplating using your 401(k) for business investment or seeking to sell your enterprise, we’re here to help.

Reach out to Meritus Group at (605) 252-9520 for a complimentary business valuation. With our support, take the first step towards a calculated investment in your future.

Discover more about our services and how we can assist in your business endeavors at Meritus Group.

With Meritus Group, strategize your entry into business ownership or exit with confidence and clarity.